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Nanorobotics in Medicine Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Nanorobotics in Medicine - Essay Example The very points of interest of such decreased size are the serious extent of accuracy and control on the final result. Along these lines, what can't be reached or controlled in the past because of space and size limitations would now be able to be effortlessly gotten to and work on through proper small scale instruments (Cavalcanti 1, Martinac and Metelko 1). Not just media communications and materials science are encountering the fervor in this new innovation. The universe of medication is supposed to be one of those that will enormously profit by nanotechnology. Specialists obviously observe the effect of this innovation in the act of medication. Truth be told, reserves have been streaming towards this territory as of late. In the only us, as indicated by Freitas (1) more than $500 million was assigned for nanotechnology innovative work in 2002, $849 million out of 2004 and came to $1 billion out of 2006. In Europe, the European Commission allocated 1.3 billion euros for nanotechnology R&D for 2003-2006. Besides, biomedical nanoscale applications were anticipated to have a 35% every year development rate (Freitas 1). Because of the extraordinary enthusiasm for utilization of nanotechnology in medication, another field of science developed and called nanomedicine. Nanomedicine is characterized as the use of the information on sub-ato mic qualities of the human body for the conclusion, treatment, anticipation, alleviation, improvement of agonies, wounds and infections. Outskirts in nanomedicine incorporate three primary classifications. These are nanoscale organized materials or nanodevices, designed microorganisms and nanorobots (Martinac and Metelko 2). Nanoscale organized materials or nanodevices are infinitesimal gadgets that can be utilized in inserts or for conveying medications to explicit locales. Instances of nanodevices are nanopores which can contain a lot of medications or proteins for controlled discharge utilizing the high surface zone and size of the pores. Built microorganisms incorporate microscopic organisms and macrophages that can deliver proteins or perform new advantageous capacities. Desires are high in the part of clinical nanorobotics (Martinac and Metelko 2). Nanorobots are imagined to offer advances through scaling down of electronic clinical gadgets by reproducing normally existing models, for example, those of microbes and infections. This involves melding microelectronics and adjusted microorganisms to grow new fake or ganic gadgets or building microelectronics alone that can perform indicated assignments inside the human body (Freitas 9). Much the same as each ordinary machine or device, nanorobotics are imagined to be worked without any preparation in spite of the fact that in minute extents. Subsequently, there is a need to plan fundamental parts and segments with least determinations and however with all that anyone could need usefulness. At the end of the day, the principal objective is to fabricate nanobearings and nanogears which will give the above capacities. Cover aversion bearing structures by Drexler and Merkle spearheaded these endeavors (Freitas 10). A working nanorobot apparently has sub-atomic arranging rotors and an automated arm. The last is additionally called an adaptive controller. The outside must contain or be comprised of materials like glycocalyx that don't respond or forestall ingestion of blood materials, for example, fibrinogen. These parts are likewise positioned to give biocompatibility and forestall insusceptible framework responses. Moreover, chemotactic sensors, atoms with explicit authoritative

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Essay For College Entrance - How to Write a Perfect Essay?

Essay For College Entrance - How to Write a Perfect Essay?The essay for college entrance is the most important part of the whole application process. This is your chance to impress the college officials so they can decide whether you are a good candidate for college or not. You should remember that writing the essay is a very serious undertaking and you must put in a lot of effort and study to be able to come up with a well-written one.To help you write the essay for college entrance, there are some tips that will help you. After all, the right essay can change your life forever and it has been known to do so in some cases.First of all, you should know what makes a good essay. A good essay should answer three questions: 'Why are you applying for college?' 'Why should I care about the admission decision?' 'What can I expect from college?'By knowing these three important questions, you can easily come up with a good essay that can answer them all. You can also take advantage of your st udy guides to help you with the answers to these questions.However, the most important thing to remember when you are writing an effective essay is that you need to make your essay come from the heart. Writing an essay that comes from the heart may be difficult for you, but this is one of the most important parts of the entire essay process. This means that you have to make sure that you use the entire article of the topic that you are writing about.Using the whole article can help you avoid having to rewrite your essay a second time or come up with another essay altogether. Instead, you just have to be as creative as possible in order to make your essay from the heart.Next, you should make sure that you tackle all the major questions that you have written about in your essay. If you haven't answered all the questions on your topic, then chances are that you will get rejected in the entrance process.Finally, you should focus on your main point. The whole purpose of writing an essay for college entrance is to get the right grade and impress the college officials. Therefore, you should only focus on your main point when you are writing the essay.

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Paul Thomas Anderson :: Essays Papers

Paul Thomas Anderson Paul Thomas Anderson is one of today’s most acclaimed and fundamental youthful movie producers. He has cleared the movie business with a powerhouse trio of movies that have inhaled life and richness into an industry that is very frequently ladened with films showing monstrous lacks of creativity and thought. PTA’s certifiable love of filmmaking separates him from such a large number of others. PTA will in general keep himself out of the spotlight. Once in a while will he present for magazine spreads or photograph shoots. Subtleties including future tasks and his own life are regularly kept covered in mystery. Enlightening pieces in regards to his own life and family ancestry are rare. I’ve looked into his experience and uncovered a couple of brief tidbits that are steady among numerous sources. Included is data acquired from Cigarettes and Coffee, PTA’s informal site, which he regularly acclaims and adds to. Paul Thomas Anderson was conceived in Studio City, CA on January 1, 1970 to Bonnie and Ernie Anderson. His dad was a notable voice entertainer who can be perceived for his work on America’s Funniest Home Videos and The Love Boat. He likewise made a character, Ghoulardi, who was a well known B Movie/blood and gore movie have in the sixties. Sadly, Paul endured an overwhelming overwhelm when his dad went in 1997 at 73 years old. By chance, he has since named his creation organization after his late father’s popular character Ghoulardi. PTA likewise has two siblings and four sisters. He is rumored to be antagonized from his mom. Scholastics never spoke to Paul. Being ousted from his primary school for battling and terrible evaluations and his brisk takeoff from Emerson College after two semesters showed this. He additionally went to New York University Film School for two days before dropping out. PTA proceeded onward to start his vocation by filling in as a creation associate on different TV motion pictures and game shows. In the wake of performing comparable work for various low spending plan and free movies, PTA proceeded to compose and shoot a short film titled, Cigarettes and Coffee. This 24-minute trip into the universe of film shorts made it’s chief at the 1993 Sundance Film Festival. Because of the buzz that Cigarettes and Coffee produced, he was managed the chance to build up his first full-length film, Hard Eight.

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The Education Of The School Essay - 2540 Words

Introduction There is nothing more important to the future of the students than their current education. Many times, this process becomes difficult when the proper funding of the schools is hard to find. While there is federal and state funding to assist the schools to achieve this mission, it only covers a small portion of a school’s operating budget. The schools must then turn to the community for their help, usually in the form of a levy. With most household’s financial budgets being depleted from all directions, levies continue to get harder to win approval by the voters in many locations such as in River View Local Schools. The Levy fell to an eighty percent against vote on August 2, 2016. I propose that they evaluate a plan to move the seventh and eighth grade with the high school students in the high school building and renovate the current junior high to house the students of the four deteriorating elementary buildings. My proposal does not come without objectio ns and obstacles, but with proper â€Å"selling† to the community it would be a viable option to continue the wonderful education that our children are receiving from an amazing, but challenged district. Background River View Local Schools consist of four elementary building, one junior high, and one high school that covers 376 square miles and currently has an enrollment of approximately 2,100 students in the district. River View is currently the eighth largest district in Ohio. The four elementary buildingsShow MoreRelatedThe Education Of Schools And Schools Essay1304 Words   |  6 PagesMany schools in America are divided by cities and districts which locks in certain students for specific schools. Some of these schools are well provided, and others are not due to the income of that district which the students live in. These borders for schools causes a problem in which certain educational tools and experience are restricted for those individuals who have a low income. The inadequate funding of schools for certain districts throughout America have been a problematic enforcementRead MoreEducation Of Single Sex Schools And Co Education Schools1103 Words   |  5 PagesEducation System in t he UK Education is an important tool that is applied in the contemporary world to succeed, as it mitigates the challenges which are faced in life. The knowledge gained through education enables individuals’ potential to be optimally utilized owing to training of the human mind. This opens doors of opportunities enables individual to achieve better prospects in career growth. The education system generally and in the UK specifically is divided into four main parts,Read MoreSex Education in Schools657 Words   |  3 PagesSex Education in Schools Nineteen-fifty five marked the debut of sex education programs in schools in the United States. Along the years, many have argued whether or not sex education should be taught in schools. Many believe that the education of sex encourages students to engage in sexual activities which lead to a higher number of pregnancies and sexual transmitted diseases (STD’s).The U.S. is the leading country in teen pregnancies and STD’s As the number of unplanned pregnancies and sexuallyRead MoreHigh School Education1572 Words   |  7 Pagesto school after the summer holidays. Forklaring: Students are looking forward 2. According to Michelle Obama is education important when you want to plan your own career. Forklaring: Education is – forkert ordstilling 3. President Obama, which wife has now joined his efforts to improve education, wants the US to have the highest percentage of college graduates by 2020. Forklaring: Whose wife - forkert bà ¸jning 4. How much you earn throughout life depends large on your success in school andRead MoreHealth Education in Schools1199 Words   |  5 PagesHealth Education in Schools By Paul Favors, eHow Contributor I want to do this! Whats This? Health education is the formal inclusion of the principles of wellness in the curriculum of a particular educational institution. Among the concepts taught to students are information on illness and their prevention, substance abuse and sexual relations. The ultimate purpose of health education is to allow students to have an understanding of their bodies and develop beliefs related to health. Facts Read MoreThe Education Of The Middle School857 Words   |  4 PagesMiddle school was roughly the first time I truly became aware of social justice in the world. It was probably the first real time I realized that the world wasn’t fair and that equal opportunities were not available for everybody. Around the time of Barraack Obama’s first term our country went into a recession and unemployment was high. I watched my friend’s mom become unemployed because the company could not afford to have her as an employee anymore. My family was not affected hard at the beginningRead MoreThe School System And Education Essay1669 Words   |  7 PagesEducation has taken a different course throughout the years. The way the educational system was set to be performed differs than how it is practiced today. The system has become more advanced in the ways of which are important when it comes to educating a student. In one of the ways which the system has improved and became more advanced was by first hiring higher educated teachers who meet the exact requirements, and then the environment for learning becoming safer and more appropriate for studentsRead MoreEnvironmental Education At The School844 Words   |  4 PagesWhile at the school, I got to try my hand at a variety of different things. Every day was different. In a classroom, you never know what is going to happen and everyday something different is taught. I would go to the school Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays each week from 12:00pm until 3:00pm. On Mondays, I would go to two Kindergarten classrooms, Mrs. Markons and Mrs. Rolfes. In both classes, I helped with environmental education. Somedays there was an Environmental Educator that would lead theRead MoreThe Education Standards Of Schools Essay1270 Words   |  6 PagesOur Education Standards Although no one disputes the value of education, how the country should improve it is fiercely contested. Every few years, along comes a new idea to save American schools, be it enforcing standards, opening charter schools, providing vouchers for private education, or paying teachers based on their performance. The truth is that no plan can save the american education system, its the people within it that need to change. At the start of elementary school, students have a desireRead MoreHigh School Education : The Importance Of Education723 Words   |  3 PagesOver the years, the education system has changed. The development of society has led to many of its aspects facing alterations in order for it to properly adapt. Regardless, society has not resolved all the problems that exist within the school system. A myriad of issues remain, particularly in high school. High school students typically lack interest in school, yet find interest in school sports, television, current events, o r any other similar items and ideas, placing their focus there rather than

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Effective Risk Communication for Android Apps

Question: Describe about theMobile Business Technology of Effective Risk Communication for Android Apps? Answer: Introduction Less than half decade ago in India, the mobile phones were taken as the luxury goods. But now days the mobile telecommunication industry of the India is one of the fastest growing market. The mobile technology includes the ability of the staying connect; keep the business more productive even the employees are on the road. The mobile technology also includes the laptops, mobile application, smart phones and also the GPS devices which help the business owner to keep touch with the customers (Van Der Sluys, 2012). The mobile technology also helps in improving the communication among the business owner and the customer. Through the mobile technology the individuals also gets the ability of developing the communication on an instant basis and the respond are also on quick basis which depends on the business situations. To carry out this whole assignment here the chosen company is McDonalds. In the first part of the assignment it tells all about the how the presence of the mobile apps via iOS or the Android apps can be more beneficial so that McDonalds can do their promotion and also improve the selling of its products and the services. Then in the second part of the assignment it will be discussed to do the identification and also to do the comparison of the cost effective approaches which includes the ease of the use, location, product reviews, customer support, payments and also the link of the McDonalds with the social networking site which includes the face book, twitter, LinkedIn etc (Chen, Balijepally and Sutanto, 2012). About mobile industry, current trends, challenges and applications Now days the people are getting very busy in their own life so they dont have the time to personally go some of the place to spend some of the quality time. Due to this shortage of the time and also the improvement of the technology the many of the things of the daily life are getting more online so that time consumed can get reduced (Ereth, Lortz and Perner, 2014). Due to the presence of the mobile apps it gets beneficial for both the customers and the company also. McDonald needs to develop the android apps in such a way that they can also increase their sell via online also (Obiodu, 2012). As in now days everybody use the android phones in their life so if McDonalds launch some of the android apps it becomes very easy for the customer to give the order to the restaurant in a very less time which becomes very useful for the large numbers of the customers and the company also can grab the more numbers of the customer towards their company which can improve their sell of the services and the products which brings more hike in the profit of the company (Effective Risk Communication for Android Apps, 2014). Impact of mobile applications, accelerometer and the other interfaces in McDonalds With the development of the android applications of the phones, the developer implement some of the application which is specifically targeted the platform by using the frame work and the software development kit. The application of the android is mainly on the basis of the typically programmed java which accesses the functional platform of the android frame work. In contrast with the android apps, the application of the iOS also uses the programming language of the objective C and also the Apple frame works. In doing the cost benefit analysis of developing the mobile apps which does the customization of the mobile apps in doing the business so that it can streamline the customer contact and also add the conveniences for the customer and the running of the business by doing the exchange of the information and also doing the optimization of the sales (Ereth, Lortz and Perner, 2014). There are some of the reasons which are needed to be considered how the mobile android apps help in imp roving the business and also in the future. In the time of the developing the mobile apps the developer always needs to keep notice on the graphical interface of the apps so that it becomes more user friendly which helps the customer and also the business professional for doing their work in a good way and the interface also can guide the customer so that they can find out what they needs to do (Tilley and Dechokul, 2014). The developed apps of the android phones needs to be more convenient to do the use, the speed needs to be more maximum and also it becomes more easier to do the browsing and the developed apps gives the proper guidance to the customer in such a way that if they dont have any knowledge about the apps then also they can use the apps in their requirements. In the developed apps there needs to have that much availability with the presence of the features of the GPRS system so that it can becomes very easy to the customer that they can gather the ideas of the location and also can do the access of the location where ever it is needed. In the developing android apps the features of doing the search needs to be more users friendly so that it can guide the customer who doesnt have the basic knowledge about the things which are searched in the content (Juntunen, Tuunainen and Luukkainen, 2012). Impact of mobile application for doing the business transactions in McDonalds Some of the causing impacts of the mobile applications on the basis of the business transactions in McDonalds are described below: The developer of the McDonalds needs to provide the proper basic review of the android apps so that customer can gather the knowledge about the android apps and also give the elaborate details of the used software, versions and also basic needs which are going to be supported and the basic knowledge of the version of the software. Then the developer also needs to keep notice on the qualities of the images and the videos whether the qualities are good or bad which helps the customer to view the images and the videos (Mirzaei et al., 2012). The developed apps should be on that way specifying the types of the support the customer needed (Liao, Chou and Chao, 2014). The developer also needs to connect the apps to some of the social networking site which includes the face book, twitter, LinkedIn and the many others so that the purpose of the android apps for which the McDonalds are developing the apps gets fulfilled by providing the basic advertisement of the products of the company so th at the company can grab the more numbers of the customer towards their company because in now days about the 100% of the people are browsing the social networking site so that this site becomes the one of the good platform for doing the advertisement (Wang and Cui, 2012). So for increasing their advertisement and also the sale of the product the McDonalds needs to make some of the tie with these social networking sites so that the people can get to know about the products of their company. By doing the proper analyze of all the mentioned criteria of the developed apps the developer needs to make the software more cost effective so that it can becomes more profitable in launching this type of android or iOS apps (Liao, Chou and Chao, 2014). Critical evaluation and the identification to make more efficient business processes in McDonalds Now days the mobile application also becomes more helpful in doing the business transaction because due to the availability of this type of the android apps doing of the transaction of the money it becomes easier and also less time consuming. The mobile technology also reaches in to the existing and the new customers with the help of the direct channel which helps out with the sending ability of the tracking responses and the special offers. There also needs to have the product reviews system so that the customer can also give the required feedback about the problems what they are facing and also the suggestion what and where they needs to review and also to do the required changes so that it can makes the apps more user friendly to the customer. These are some of the above mentioned business processes which makes McDonalds more efficient and also can get in the touch at the door steps of the customer (MacIsaac, 2012). Conclusion: By concluding the above study of doing the development of the android apps and also doing the critical analyze of the all the sides of the developed apps the McDonalds needs to developed the apps and also launch the apps so that they can earn the more profit and also can expand the business by grabbing the more numbers of the customer towards their organization. In the above mentioned parts it is also discussed about the challenges, trends etc what any of the organization are going to face at the time of launching the new android apps and also needs to analyze how it can create the impacts in todays business world (Rahman, 2012). References Chen, W., Balijepally, V. and Sutanto, P. (2012). Does Mobile Technology Matter? A Student-Centric Perspective. IBIMA Business Review Journal, pp.1-10. Effective Risk Communication for Android Apps. (2014). IEEE Trans. Dependable and Secure Comput., 11(3), pp.252-265. Ereth, S., Lortz, S. and Perner, M. (2014). Confidentiality for Android apps: Specification and verification. it - Information Technology, 56(6). Ereth, S., Lortz, S. and Perner, M. (2014). Confidentiality for Android apps: Specification and verification. it - Information Technology, 56(6). Juntunen, A., Tuunainen, V. and Luukkainen, S. (2012). Critical Business Model Issues in Deploying NFC Technology for Mobile Services. International Journal of E-Services and Mobile Applications, 4(3), pp.23-41. Liao, H., Chou, C. and Chao, W. (2014). Functional Validation and Test Automation for Android Apps. IJMLC, 4(6), pp.553-558. Liao, H., Chou, C. and Chao, W. (2014). Functional Validation and Test Automation for Android Apps. IJMLC, 4(6), pp.553-558. MacIsaac, D. (2012). iOS physics learning apps (for Apple products iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad). The Physics Teacher, 50(1), p.61. Mirzaei, N., Malek, S., Psreanu, C., Esfahani, N. and Mahmood, R. (2012). Testing android apps through symbolic execution. SIGSOFT Softw. Eng. Notes, 37(6), p.1. Obiodu, V. (2012). An Empirical Review of the Top 500 Medical Apps in a European Android Market. JournalMTM, 1(4), pp.22-37. Rahman, M. (2012). Making TeleTalk a Healthy Competitor among the Mobile Phone Operators in Bangladesh. J. Bus. Tech. (Dhaka), 5(2). Tilley, S. and Dechokul, K. (2014). Testing iOS Apps with HadoopUnit: Rapid Distributed GUI Testing. Synthesis Lectures on Software Engineering, 2(2), pp.1-103. Van Der Sluys, W. (2012). Even more video analysis iOS apps. The Physics Teacher, 50(1), p.61. Wancheng, X. (2012). Monitoring System of Power Line Icing Based on GPRS. Physics Procedia, 33, pp.705-711. Wang, X. and Cui, G. (2012). Multifunction GPS/GPRS Automobile Security System. AMR, 433-440, pp.629-634.

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Website for Kudler Fine Foods Essay Example

Website for Kudler Fine Foods Essay Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) mission is to provide customers the best produce, wines, and associated needs in an unparalleled customer setting. Kudler brings its customers the finest products from around the world. Kudler Fine Foods wants to improve the functionality of their current website to be more competitive and to offer their unique products to customers everywhere. History The founder of Kudler Fine Foods is Kathy Kudler; she brings knowledge from a previous career as a vice president of marketing. As Kathy relieved her stress by gourmet cooking, she found it hard to find all ingredients in one place. Kathy recognizing a need for an upscale gourmet store in La Jolla, CA, she sought financing with a business plan in hand, and opened her first business June 18, 1998. To Kathy’s surprise, the store was profitable within the first nine months. In 2000, Del Mar became the location for the second store and a third store in Encinitas was in operation in 2003. Kudler Fine Foods is now ready to offer these great products to customers around the world with a new e-commerce website. We will write a custom essay sample on Website for Kudler Fine Foods specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Website for Kudler Fine Foods specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Website for Kudler Fine Foods specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Sales and Marketing Kudler Fine Foods is experiencing growth in the gourmet market, the time has come to grow in the service area, improve upon the effectiveness of its business and increase loyalty and profitability by increasing the purchasing power of its consumers. If the opportunity is favorable, Kudler Fine Foods will launch stores in Florida and Connecticut. Kudler Fine Foods focus has been on the development of services to the customer and adding a frequent shopper program to help increase profits. Now the business will incorporate the frequent shopping program and sales into the new web design that will take Kudler Fine Foods to the next level of business opportunities. Point of Sale The current Point of Sale (POS) module is NCR RealPOS 30; it gathers customer files and details of items purchased. The POS system permits growth with ecommerce; it can capture the same information online as well as in-store purchases. The new website will interface with the current POS system. Gathering customer information brings on the responsibility to guard personal information. Modern businesses deal with an elaborate system of laws and regulations. Business owners cannot survive without basic knowledge of these laws and regulations. KFF’s business has superior ethics that inspiring to do what is best for the customer, not just try to make a profit. Frequent Shopper Program Kudler Fine Food’s tracks the purchase behavior of the customer at the individual level. KFF provides incentives from joint ventures with companies with a program based on points accumulated from purchases. Kudler customers are not focusing on price; they want quality and variety of gourmet foods. The web is a great place to offer such merchandise to customers by using pictures and videos to offer how- to on using gourmet foods. The firm’s relational attitude often comes to life by the articulation of frontline employees whose characteristics and behaviors’ can apply considerable impact on the results of interactions with the customers according to Arbore, Guenzi, and Ordanini (2007). The same is true with service level for a website; the site must also meet all the needs of the customer. Focus Group The focus group for the development of an e-commerce website will be Kathy Kudler, the Director of store operations, sales staff, accounting clerk, computer support specialist, purchasing manager and IT staff. According to Woodward (2008), a website can expand a company’s geographical reach and its ability to provide customer service at a low cost. Current System The current system is a Norvell 4. 11 server with four POS windows PC’s at each location with a 56k modem connected to the Internet and each store has a standalone UPS modem. La Jolla and Del Mar each have a PC with PII NT server with built-in modem and cd-rom reader and a PC with PC 64 mg ram with windows and office 97 using server, a bubble jet printer and a stand along cd burner. Purpose Kudler Fine Foods is a unique type of store with a unique clientele. There are very few specialty stores in the United States so the use of a website will open a new business to web users to obtain gourmet foods delivered right to their doorstep. In staying with their specialty branding, Kindler’s executives and the sales and marketing department are enthusiastic about the se of the e-commerce website. Detail Design Kudler will need to implement an up-to-date server. We recommend that a server be purchased and the current one scrapped. The server will also need to run a more up-to-date version of the Windows operating system. I recommend Windows server either 2003 or 2008. I chose the Windows server edition because of the company’s already existing famili arity with the Windows server operating system. I also believe that learning the Linux operating system might slow down business operations and this is why in this situation a newer version of Windows would be a more reliable choice. Windows Server 2008 R2 builds on the successes and strengths of its Windows Server predecessors while delivering valuable new functionality and powerful improvements to the base operating system. New Web tools, virtualization technologies, security enhancements, and management utilities help save time, reduce costs, and provide a solid foundation for the information technology (IT) infrastructure (Microsoft. com, 2009). After the purchase of a server, and the launch of the website, we can keep the Kudler Fine Food checkout lanes open around the clock. The website will be written in hypertext mark-up language (HTML). Html is the standard programming language that information for the web is created in. The site will include JavaScript and Ajax with Meta tags to help search engines keep Kudler Fine Foods at the top of search results. We recommend that we change the current Internet access from a 56k dial up modem to modern like a high-speed xdsl or cable internet access. In addition, other options available, but I think cable or xdsl Internet access will give Kudler more than enough Internet bandwidth. This will enable the Kudler website to handle the traffic to their site in a faster manner. The modem upgrade will also enable the company server to send e-mail without worrying about the bottlenecking or choke points that occur due to the limited amount of bandwidth that is available to a dial up network. This will also be an improvement for those employees who need to access the network remotely. After signing up at the website, the customer will have agreed that his or her actions will be tracked while on the website via the user agreement or the terms of service. This will help Kudler tailor its business around the user. This will be more effective because Kudler can suggest the items that the customer is most interested in, and offer deals on those specific products. I believe that this will result in more customers who are pleased with their experience at the Kudler website and more sales for Kudler. This service will also enable customers to create online shopping list, and enable them to pay from home and pick up in store or have the items shipped. Test Process summary After all code is tested, a testing environment will be set up for users to test all web pages on different browsers. Testing for the website will be done using IT staff and in house employees. The functionality must appear seamless while the system must integrate with all aspects of the current POS system with enterprise wide software, online shopping and the Content Delivery Network (CDN). According to O’ Kennon (2010), using (CDN) as a server hosted by a third party, the content will be geographically closer to the users that request the content of the Website from Kudler Fine Foods. This will provide high-quality service quickly to keep the users attention. Software To start the testing, using the website interface and database software, the first step is the testing of the enterprise wide analytics software by integrating the current Access database; this will help expedite the testing and integrating tasks. The current Access database contains all vital records to the company. The enterprise wide software must be able to show the important fields within the database for each department. Testing of this software will be conducted offline to ensure the proper interfacing to the purchasing system works. Sales employees communicate with the customers; they would have firsthand knowledge of what the customer likes. If all looks good offline, then once the server is up and running transition to the website interface will begin. Hardware During the software coding, hardware testing will be used to validate the proper transition. A new server will be purchased and tested within the Kudler system as an addition. Once the server seems viable transferring information from the old servers to the new one will begin. As the software becomes available all testing between hardware will be with the new server. This will ensure that no additional testing will be needed on unused hardware. Testing will include data transfer and communication between location and external Internet connectivity. Support and Maintenance Summary Because Kudler Fine Foods is a smaller company, an offsite support company or outsourcing would make better business sense. The company does not have to employ a service person to maintain the website as well as any hardware for the system. This will be a cost savings for the company; in the event that hardware has problems, they can inform the support company. A super user at each location will help other employees and customers if they have issue that come up with the website. References Arbore, A. Guenzi, P. and Ordanini, A. (October 12, 2007). Loyalty building, relational trade-offs and key service employees: the case of radio DJs. Emerald Journal retrieved April 23, 2010 from the University of Phoenix Microsoft. com. (2009). Microsoft Windows Server Edition 2008R2 Product Information. Retrieved April 23, 2010 from http://www. microsoft. com/windowsserver2008/en/us/product-information. aspx O’Kennon, C. (2010). Content Delivery Networks. Retrieved May 7, 2010 from http://www. apollolibrary. com/Library/err/ElectronicReserveReadings. aspx. Woodward, K. (2008). Evaluating Web Site Goals and Needs. Retrieved May 7, 2010 from http://www. apollolibrary. com/Library/err/ElectronicReserveReadings. aspx.

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Chicago General Plan

Chicago General Plan One of state law requirements is that cities should prepare general plans and regularly update them. General plan is a long range and internally constituted statement of the city development and preservation policies. It serves as a constitution for the future physical development (Mell 45). It acts as a statement of community goals, values, objectives, and creates a future vision of the city.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Chicago General Plan specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More General plan also referred as a development or comprehensive plan guides decision makers when making future decision. It helps them set community priorities and values which are helpful in making future decisions (Thomas 102). The general plan consists of goals, objectives, policies and actions that help to manage change. It also specifies what is essential to communities and portrays where different development should be allocated. Once a gen eral plan is adopted it should be evaluated regularly to enable the access effectiveness of various programs. These help decision makers to modify various programs in order to continue moving toward the set goals and help to remodify assumptions which may longer be relevant due to changing circumstances. Elements Of a general plan include: utilities, transport, land use, recreation and housing (Mell 234). City of Chicago is located in the U.S State of Illinois on the Southern western shore of Lake Michigan. It is the third biggest city in USA and covers 590 square kilometers. It is the pioneer of skyscraper building after building of a first ever skyscraper building, the Home Insurance Building. The skyscraper building started in Chicago after the Great Chicago fire which increased the price of land. This made architect adopt the trend of building upwards. Since then, other developers have followed this pattern making Chicago have a boom in the skyscraper buildings like Trump Intern ational Hotel and 55 East Erie (Carl 29). Chicago is one of the world greatest urban places and Lake Michigan and River Chicago define the heart of the city. Its broad lake front system, which is built beyond the original shoreline, distinguishes Chicago from any other city in the USA. The most valuable asset of Chicago is the lake front, its park system, the collection of cultural institution and entertainment facilities. Chicago is also distinguished from other cities like San Francisco by its flat topography which has allowed numerous building of tall buildings, which makes the city unique. It is also renowned in the world for its unique park system like the museum campus and Millennium Park (Carl 57). The Chicago transport system moves people masses and billions of dollars annually, and it is the hub of the world most extensive railway system, home of two busiest airports, have a well-established bicycle network and support the nations busiest transit system. Transport drives th e economy and thus should have well coordinated plan for managing the transport system (Mell 89).Advertising Looking for essay on transportation? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In coming up with an effective transportation plan, it is crucial to study the social, historical and economic characteristics of the city. This helps to detect possible deficiencies in the transport system and also help in coming up with future improvements (Thomas 122). Furthermore, when planning transport of the city its crucial to put into consideration the citys density as failure to manage this can harm businesses. The local government should plan for private vehicles parking by constructing large parking garage in areas where there is high population. Also, it is important to place higher densities of jobs or dwellers close to high transportation volume through what is called transit oriented development. This is a residential and comm ercial center designed to minimize access by transit and non motorized transportation. It consists of the grid street system, limited surface parking, efficient parking management, pedestrian and bicycle oriented design, mixed housing type, office and retail particularly on main streets. This also aids in boosting the transit system in Chicago (Carl 78). The railway infrastructure in Chicago is critical for growth of the nation’s commerce. Thus, investment should be continuously done to modernize the railway infrastructure. Plans should be implemented on how to decongest the railway system. This will help to improve future economic growth. It will also increase the efficiency and reliability of much of the nation rail service (Thomas 58). The state law requires cities to come up with the general plan and regularly update them. Thus, local government should continuously maintain and repair roads, for example, through patching up potholes and reconstruction of bridges (Carl 97) . This will help in the infrastructure modernization by using new materials, modern technologies and the best management technologies. Roadways should be consistent in width and materials. There is a necessity in coming up with procedures on how to ensure safety in the transport infrastructure. In the transport system, pedestrians share the right ways with fast moving vehicles and bicycles intermingle with delivery trucks. Thus, the local government should come up with effective plans of implementing, enforcement and education of safety measures to the masses. Moreover, ensure that all streets are designed and safe for all users, for example, the pedestrians, cyclist, motorists, children and people with disabilities. Good safety habits will help to decrease transportation risks and increase safety, efficient and enjoyable city (Mell 235).Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Chicago General Plan specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Great streets are crucial for businesses and can either harm or help businesses. Streets should have careful designs. Streets in residential areas should be free of traffic, and this will help neighbors gather and interact (Carl 300). The street in commercial zones must have a high notch of pedestrian facilities, wide side walkways and sitting areas to serve a multitude of visitors. Those in industrial areas must serve the needs of workers and businesses. There is requisite to come up with approaches on how to manage truck mobility. Most businesses rely on trucks for deliveries. Plans should be set to enable trucks find the best time and place to load and off load their goods. Drivers should be provided with better information to allow them get to their destinations as efficiently as possible (Mell 302). The local government can come up with a website where citizens can air their requests. For example, request for improvement and repairing of roads, signs and bridges. This w ill be in line with the local government vision of improving the services of Chicago people who are their customers, funders and neighbors (Thomas 202). The local government came up with a tree planting program called the Chicago Green Streets Program. They plant trees along and near major streets with an aim of increasing canopy cover (Carl 245). Trees appreciate in value, have economic value, ecological value and have social benefits. Plans should be put in place to introduce new species and carry out education to residents on the benefits of tree planting. In conclusion, when coming up with a Chicago City transport plan, it is important to consider the citys vision, mission and objectives. This will ensure that the city continues to be a vibrant internationally and aid in future decision making. Carl, Smith. The Plan of Chicago. U.S: University of Chicago Press, 2006. Print. Mell, Scott. American City Planning: Since 1890. U.S: University of California Press, 1971. Print.Adverti sing Looking for essay on transportation? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Thomas, S Hines. Burnham of Chicago: Architect and Planner. U.S: University of Chicago Press, 2008. Print.